To begin with I am not a professional. I am not a member of any artist club. I don�t have an art degree and the closest thing I�ve received to an award is the Artist of the Year during my senior year in High School. Instruction and learning is essential when art is your life but I don�t believe I need to go to college and earn a piece of paper to prove that I am an artist. I was born an artist. From the moment I could hold a pencil and color with crayons I knew that. My Grandmother painted and did many crafts, as did my mother. I was exposed to art and it�s basic fundamentals from early on.

Most of my talent is natural. The first lessons I received were in my freshman year of High School. I will always me grateful to Mrs. Wriggle for teaching me so many techniques in drawing and shading but I never enjoyed all her southwestern skulls and cacti. It was Mr. Kalish, during my senior year that let me use the techniques I had learned to create the characters and fantasy beings living in my soul. He let me discover my own style, my own uniqueness in my art. He introduced me to clay and the wonders of three-dimensional art. It wasn�t until after I graduated that I really dedicated myself to my art. Unsure weather to go to college or what to do with my life I began to paint. I could now devote hours to one piece, which I could never do while in High School. I learned by experimenting.

It�s been many years now since I graduated but I am still learning by experimenting and from self-study. I still paint and draw on occasion but most of my time is spent working with Polymer clay. Everything I have learned is from books, studying other�s art, surfing the web, and talking to several nice people on Ebay. Their help has been invaluable to me.

Most everything I create is from the world of Fairie. Unicorns, Dragons, mermaids, fairies and many other creations some of which I haven�t even thought up yet. In their presence I find a bit of the magic that our world is lacking. Dragons are my most favorite and by far the easiest for me to make, but not many people are interested in dragons the way I am. So I find myself creating fairies and other little critters to earn the money I need to continue creating more dragons.

Please take some time and enjoy my different galleries. Some are of older artwork and others are my most recent pieces. To learn more about me please click on the About Me link.

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